Cosmetic Surgery of the Head and Neck

        This field considers the reshaping of normal structures of the head and neck with the aim of improving the patient’s appearance, thus giving him or her renewed self-confidence.


      In our studio we perform the following procedures with the assistance of a Maxillofacial surgeon:
    • Surgical removal of various growths on the head (face) and neck – fibromas, sebaceous cysts, nevi and all other (tumor) growths;
    • Surgical removal of various scars;
    • Correction of wrinkles and skin folds (Aquamid or Hyluronic acid), shallow wrinkles of the upper third of the face (Botox) and lipofilling of deeper skin folds.
    • Chemical peeling of smaller, tiny, dense wrinkles (e.g. upper lip) and dermabrasion of smaller surfaces;
    • Correction of upper and lower eyelids – Blepharoplasty (removing only skin or skin with the fatty tissue);
    • Correction of protruding ears (Otoplasty);
    • Double chin liposuction
    • Face lifting